Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collective list of questions we are rather frequently asked. This list has been compiled to help simply and alleviate any concerns or questions you might have about the site without the need to contact us directly and wait for a response. Of course, if your question is not answered hear, feel free to contact us at the provided website or in the comment section and we will get back to you.


You seem to review a lot of M-Rated Games. Why do tend to review these games over other more child-appropriate titles?
  • As of currently, due to lack of proper funding and time, we are unable to review all of the games that are released in the industry. While our goal in the future is to provide full reviews for all of the games released, M-Rated or not, currently we are limited. Very often, a child will ask for a game due to the simple popularity of it, without taking into consideration ratings. Therefore, we aim to review the most popular titles and those that seem the most likely that a younger child might ask for. 
I want to see (Insert Name of Game) reviewed by The Parent's Guide to Video Games. How do I request that?
  • It is as simple as letting us know. The easiest way to contact us is via e-mail at  TheParentsGuidetoVideoGames@gmail.com or simply leave your request in the comment section of one of our reviews or articles of The News. If possible, we will make sure to review the title for you.
I heard about (Insert News Article Here) through another website, and yet I didn't see it here on your article of The News. Why is that?
  • This is due to a combination of two reasons. First, we try and provide only the most relevant information on something that may affect your or your gamer. These articles tend to be about major game or system releases, updates that may affect your security/health/finances/etc, and stuff of that nature. Simply put, a fair deal of "news" released on Game Journalism websites have very little relevance to most readers. Likewise, due to our current lack of extensive support, the smaller items that MAY be helpful (a specific title's release date or stuff like that)  are simply overlooked at this time in lieu of more important topics. Of course, if you do have a specific question about something going on in the industry, let us know and we will help you with it.
Your list of "Video Game Genres" is incomplete. You forgot (Insert Genre Here).
  • The Video Game Genre tab, much like almost everything on this site, is constantly evolving with the industry and is constantly having more information added. If you don't see something you need or think should be there, let us know and check back later.
Your "Gamer Dictionary" doesn't have information on (Insert Gamer Vocabulary Word Here).
  • See above answer.
Do you work for the ESRB or any major publishing company?
  • I do not. The Parent's Guide to Video Games is a separate entity that I created to help provide concise and relevant information and reviews on the video game industry for both gamers and parents. As of currently, we are fully supported by donations and a very small percentage of advertising revenue.  

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