Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The News

As many of you are aware, the video game industry is in is a constant state of change and expansion. Very few points of the industry remain stagnant and, as such, updates are a must when keeping up with it. This link is provided to highlight any changes or alterations in either the website or the industry that seem overly relevant. Simply click any of the links below to be taken to the related article or click the month to be taken to a list of articles from that month.

The News - 09.25.14
 - Free Games with Xbox in October, Super Smash Bros. National Tournament

The News - 09.22.14
 - PlayStation TV, Free PlayStation 4 Weekend, Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China

The News - 09.18.14
 - PlayStation Now Open Beta, Minecraft PS4 Release Date

The Not-So-News - 09.17.14
 - Patreon.com

The News - 09.13.14
 - PlayStation 4 Disc Fix, Report: 3DS as Controller, Super Smash Bros Demo Release

The News - 09.08.14
 - Assassin's Creed's: The Americas, Batman: Arkham Knight Release/Collector's, Free Pokemon

The News - 09.03.14
 - Minecraft Xbox One, 3DS Region Lock, Destiny: Planet View, Free Forza 5

The News - 09.01.14
 - PS4/Vita Theme Updates, Amiibo Toy Announcement, "New" 3DS

The News - 08.31.14

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