Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rekt, or "Wrecked"

Rekt  or #rekt:

 - Short hand for “wrecked”. This term is usually used when a victor has defeated their opponent. The usage of this word is meant to discourage the defeated player and to insult their skill, or to brush off the defeated player’s complaint to how the victor won.

- The spelling of this word originated on when the user “PossiblyCouldOKIWill” submitted this definition for the word:

                “Text for “wrecked”, as sooo drunk you’ve forgotten your name but can just about type a text to your mate whose missed called you”

- Rekt later grew to be a gaming term when Balrogboogie of the World of Warcraft forums created a thread called “Get Rekt Ally Scrublords”. From here, the word spread from not just World of Warcraft, but to Twitter, the RPG Mount and Blade, as well as the internet forum 

(Our Thanks to Guest Author MKD for this Definition)

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