Sunday, September 7, 2014

Backwards Compatible

Backwards Compatible
  • Adjective: The 60gb PlayStation 3 is fully Backwards Compatible.
  •  Backwards Compatibility refers to the ability of an item, most often a Video Game System, to play games or programs that were not designed for it but, instead, were designed for an earlier model or system.
  • An Example of this would be something like the Nintendo 3DS Handheld system which is able to play all of the games designed for the Nintendo 3DS AS WELL AS all of the games that were made for the Nintendo DS, a system that had been out for multiple years before the 3DS was created.
  •  A secondary Example from something outside of the Video Game industry could be movies. Think about Blu-Rays and DVD's. While both look similar (they are CD's), Blu-Ray had not even been conceived of. Now, with Blu-Ray out, the technology is notably different. However, there are multiple Blu-Ray players that play both Blu-Ray and DVD format. Therefore, that Blu-Ray player is Backwards Compatible.

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