Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beta (Test)

Beta (Test)

  • The term Beta Test is not restricted to the video game industry and is often used loosely across different computer products.
  • Beta Testing refers to the release of a largely finished product, most likely a game in this case, before the official release date in order to insure product quality.
  •  While Beta Testing can occur within a "Closed Beta" (i.e. by invite only) or an "Open Beta" (open to the general public), the purpose of releasing a product (game) to Beta Test is to provide it real world testing outside of a lab or development team to insure that the product is ready and doesn't have any bugs or issues that need to be fixed before release.
  • Beta Testing is often used in the video game industry as a means of providing a demonstration of the game to hype sales while also allowing the development team to put the finishing touches on the title.
  • Beta Testing is preceded by a "Alpha Testing" which generally involves a much rougher version of the product and is less often exposed to the public.


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