Saturday, September 13, 2014

The News - 09.13.14

Hello again, Parents and Gamers!

We have quite the bit of News today. Not only has a ton of stuff happened in the gaming industry, but we also have a few notes concerning our website and a few changes that you will be seeing. We will start with our normal news and, at the end of the article, fill you in on the rest.

Today we have three things we will be looking at from the Gaming Industry! We will start off with a bit of information for anyone who is having a little trouble with their PlayStation 4 system. Next, we have a report floating around concerning the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS and how the systems might work together. Next, for all the fans anticipating the Super Smash Bros. titles, we have good news concerning an upcoming demo. Let's get started!


Some owners of the PlayStation 4 console have been running into issues where the system will randomly decide to eject the disc...even when people are playing!

So, to combat this issue, Sony PlayStation has released a video (seen above) with instructions on what to do if your system is unexpectedly ejecting discs or if it is repeatedly beeping and acting like it is trying to eject a disc. You need to press and hold the power button until it beeps twice. Allow the system to fully turn off (taking about 30 seconds) and then unplug the PS4 for roughly 3 minutes. Plug the unit back in and see if it is working appropriately.

Sadly, if the system continues to work incorrectly, you will need to contact Sony in order to have your unit serviced. Hopefully this little tip will help some of our readers.

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An interesting report has started to float around the video game airwaves that could be good news for Nintendo fans and owners, especially those looking forward to the new Super Smash Bros. title.

Twitter user Kyle McLain released a photo of his Nintendo 3DS system that specified, in Japanese, that he was able to "Connect the 3DS (handheld system) to the Wii U (console) to use your customized characters and use the 3DS as a controller".

While Nintendo has not yet confirmed or denied the possible functionality, the implications of being able to use your 3DS as a controller looks to not only save a lot of money for Nintendo users, but the possibility that they can even use characters on one system or the other means that players will be encouraged to own both versions of the game.

We will update you as more information rolls out.

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Report: 3DS can be used as Wii Controller in Smash Bros. -
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With all of the hype surrounding the new Super Smash Bros. games that are coming out this year, many players just can't wait to get their hands on them.

Well, we have good news for them...They can! Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing an early demo this week. There is, however, a small catch. The demos will be released to individuals who are "Club Nintendo" members, Nintendo's Rewards program essentially; specifically those who reached "Platinum status" between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. These individuals will receive 4 codes for the demo: 1 for the original player and 3 to share with anyone they see fit. The codes will come via e-mail from Club Nintendo.

The demo in question will allow for unlimited play, local multiplayer (meaning you can play with others who have the demo so long as you are near each other and both have a 3DS system, and will feature Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager, and Mega Man as playable characters.

Finally, if you are not in Club Nintendo and don't have any friends who have codes left, all is not lost. Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing the demo live for everyone in less than a week on September 19th via their online store: the 3DS eShop. A word of warning though, the demo can only be accessed 30 times, so make the games count!

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Finally, regarding our website, The Parents Guide to Video Games, we have two new things.

First, and easiest, we have added another form of Social Media to our belt via the website Tumblr is a blog/picture/everything website and, if you are familiar with it (perhaps by having a Tumblr of your own), you will be able to follow The Parent's Guide through this medium in order to keep up to date with everything as it comes out. If you would like to take a look at it, simple Click Here.

Next, we want to cover something that is a bit of an issue. As we have been trying to restart Parents Guide and get everything rolling, we are regularly running into funding issues. Costs of brand new games and even a couple of the new systems along with stuff like site maintenance are leaving a notable hole in our pocket. So, we'd like to ask you, the reader for assistance; however rather than just beg for money, we would like to know your opinion. 
If you were to help the site would you rather: Utilize something like KickStarter where you could make a one time donation and, based on the size of the donation, perhaps receive some kind of personalized bonus. If so, what kind of bonus would you like? OR, would you rather use something like Patreon which could work a great deal better in the long run by allowing you to make very small donations that come out progressively as we do updates (I would guess with each game once a week). Or Both?! Let us know in the comments below or via e-mail. Thanks.

And that's it for today! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our article today or just Video Games in general, feel free to reach out to us at our e-mail at or simply by clicking on my name below. Make sure to follow us at Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter to get up to the moment updates! See you soon!


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