Saturday, October 4, 2014

She turned me into a Newt! (...I got bettah...)

Hello again, Parents and Gamers!

As you may have noticed, we have been out of commission for nearly a week now without any explanation as to why. Well, we're happy to return and be able to fill you in.

As seen has been a very TRYING week. For absolutely no obvious reason, we suffered a MASSIVE computer failure that persisted through multiple attempts to fix it and finally, only now, after a week of troubleshooting, tweaking, repairing, and over $2000 in parts and pieces, have we repaired the issue. As such, we will be posting our review for Naruto as promptly as we can (should be up by tomorrow) and adjust our schedule to compensate for the lost time.

We're sincerely sorry about any trouble or inconvenience this might have caused. We will be going through e-mails soon to answer any questions you may have had. Thank you for all of your patience.



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